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Anybody want to run the Global Volcanism Program?

Want to run all the volcanoes in the world?

One of the best resources for volcanism on the planet needs someone to run it:

National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution,

Washington D.C. anticipates hiring a distinguished scientist to become

the Director of the Global Volcanism Program and to conduct a research

program in volcanology in the Department of Mineral Sciences. As a

Federal employee, the successful candidate will be expected to serve

as Curator making major contributions to the field of volcanology

through research and publications, and to oversee the Global Volcanism

Program’s documenting and reporting of the world’s volcanoes in order

to develop a space/time understanding of global volcanism. U.S.

citizenship is a requirement for the position. An official

announcement of this position is expected in the coming weeks.

We invite potential candidates to send letters of interest and vitae

to Dick Fiske (fisker at

Here’s to hoping that someone who truly understands how incredible the GVP database is and how it can be expanded so that almost anyone can access the wealth of information that is still out there on volcanism, igneous petrology and hazards.


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