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Members of Congress aren’t like you and me—they’re substantially richer. Roll Call reported this week that the total net worth of Congress was more than $2 billion in 2010. That’s […]
By studying aging mice, scientists now believe that aging cells secrete poisons that damage surrounding cells causing age-related diseases. Removing those cells prevents disease. 
Two of my favorite things are corned beef and hashtags. Corned beef is obvious… it’s in my blood (seriously… my doctor calls it cholesterol). As for hashtags, anyone who has […]
Brian O’Neill, co-founder of Waq al-waq, remembers Chris: As most people reading this today already know, Chris Boucek- suddenly, unexpectedly, tragically, passed away this morning, at the shockingly young age […]
It is widely accepted that educational leadership has great influence on student outcomes, and effective leaders can bring about positive changes even to troubled schools. Leadership is second only to […]
The paleolithic diet movement is starting to take hold in Europe, as the first restaurant serving food fit for a caveman opened in Berlin. The restaurant, a former brothel called […]
One billion people live beyond the reach of existing ports, roads, bridges and trains. An organization called Matternet is using exponential technology to “replace twentieth century centralized infrastructure” and accelerate economic growth for the ‘rising billion.’