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Dining Out, Caveman-Style

The paleolithic diet movement is starting to take hold in Europe, as the first restaurant serving food fit for a caveman opened in Berlin. The restaurant, a former brothel called Sauvage Berlin, only offers food that was available over ten thousand years ago, before the age of agriculture. That means no salt, no grains, no dairy products, and certainly no foam.

The Daily Mail reports:

The truly obsessed build an entire lifestyle around the concept, mimicking caveman-era exercise. This can involve lifting boulders and running barefoot, with some even emulating the blood loss they believe Stone Age hunters might have experienced in pursuit of their dinner by donating blood every few months.

This is a tired meme, says Hunter-Gatherer blogger John Durant: “I love how this donating blood meme continues to spread far beyond its actual prevalence or importance.”

The restaurant, and the Paleo movement at large, boasts of certain health benefits, including higher amounts of energy, increased muscle mass, clear skin and an increased sex drive. Indeed the restaurant’s proprietors have apparently done well for themselves and are marketing Sauvage Berlin as “the only Paleo restaurant in Europe.”

Read more about it at Der Spiegel.


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