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Within the Bush era, the Congress had the worst record in history. Almost 99% Congressman and woman passed Bush’s choice of Iraqi war. We pay a huge price! Now I hope they make the right choice: delay the bill until the economy is fully recovery and the job employment rate stays at 3 to 4 %.rnrnLooking at the severity of our recession, timing is not right for this hurry and imperfect health care bill!rn
The next evolution of the computer age is perhaps upon us. No longer will we be concerned with hard drive size or ram. It will just be about speed to access the net and home computers will be merely portals
Orasul Suceava se numara printre cele mai vechi si mai importante asezari ale tarii, in care a pulsat mereu si puternic o autentica viata romaneasca. Capitala a statului feudal Moldova, […]
The institution of marriage hasn’t had a good go of it of late.  Not only is the gay marriage debate sparking animosity, but straight marriage has also been the victim […]
The EU is taking a lot of criticism mostly from the U.S.A. and England. If the critics would take a closer look at the accomplishments between science, technology and education they might see a different picture. Often their assumptions forget to include, quality of life, in their equation.