Fresh off the press from TEDGlobal, Marc Goodman's talk on the future of crime has been causing a bit of stir on the blogosphere. Goodman is a global security advisor and futurist focused on the disruptive impact of technology in security, business and international affairs - and has a unique perspective about what the future may hold.

As the Policy, Law and Ethics Track Chair at Singularity University, Goodman is surrounded by techno-optimists that talk about a future filled with abundance through the empowering effects of technology. While Goodman appreciates the positive sentiments of his colleagues, he is all too aware of the craftiness of criminals - who are empowered by this same technology - to use it to forward their personal agenda.

In his talk (below), Goodman raises the need for an upgrade to the defense system, open-sourcing the fight against crime so the good guys of the Internet age can outmatch the bad. It's a harsh reality that we need to be prepared for, and Goodman knows firsthand that time is of the essence.