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Kas Thomas is a longtime cognitive dissident and menace to sacred-cow-kind. A graduate of the University of California at Irvine and Davis (with degrees in biology and microbiology) and a former University of California Regents' Fellow, He has been a Technology Evangelist for Adobe Systems and currently operates Author-Zone.com, a resource site for indie authors.

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  • What Tuberculosis and Crohn's Have in Common

    It wouldn't seem as if leprosy, tuberculosis, and Crohn's disease would have much in common. But increasing evidence points to all three diseases being caused by closely related species of Mycobacterium, a germ...

  • Are You Eating Too Much Protein?

    Caloric restriction (CR) has long been known to increase longevity (often dramatically) in a number of eukaryotic models, including yeast, fruit flies, nematodes, mice, and rhesus monkeys. It's also well...

  • Marijuana for Cancer Prevention

    Research into the health effects of cannabis have yielded a mixed bag (so to speak) of results. Predictably, studies that have looked for harmful effects have found them. But there are also beneficial effects, the...

  • The Trouble with Darwin

    Biologists are, by and large, painfully aware of evolutionary theory's shortcomings.

  • Should Google Pay Its Users?

    If you post something that others read, you should get paid. If you're spied on, you should get paid. Conversely, if you access the work of others, you should pay.

  • Diabetes Linked to Cancer Risk

    It is known that diabetes brings with it a greatly elevated risk for a number of comorbidities. To this list, we now have to add elevated risk of cancer, as well.

  • Are You a Sociopath?

    Many characteristics of the sociopathic personality—charm, ambition and impatience, an ability to attack problems with cold-hearted logic (not letting emotions get in the way)—are useful to society.

  • Does Depression Go Away on Its Own?

    Many depressed patients recover, with or without medical intervention, because that's the nature of the illness. It comes and it goes.

  • Arthritis and Gut Bacteria

    New research suggests that gut bacteria may very well play a role in the development of rheumatoid arthritis and also underscores the importance of gut bacteria (which outnumber human cells ten-to-one) in keeping...

  • Colorectal Cancer and Bacteria

    It's beginning to seem pretty clear that CRC is, at least in part, a bacterial disease.