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John Legend, is an American soul singer, songwriter, and pianist. He has won six Grammy Awards.  Born John Stephens, Legend was a child prodigy who grew up in Ohio, where[…]

John Legend says he didn’t want to sound like everyone else, but he wasn’t surprised at his success.

Question: What risks did you take with your music?

John Legend:  Well I’m still doing things that are different from what everyone else was doing. From my first album [Get Lifted], my second album [Once Again], and even as I’m working on my third album [Evolver], it doesn’t sound like what other people are putting out right now. And I’ve never tried to. I’ve always tried to be relevant, but in my own way, and with my own unique flavor. And trusting my instincts creatively, and trusting the instincts of the people that I respect creatively to make really good, special music. And I’m going to continue to do that. I don’t want to sound like everybody else.


Recorded on: Jan 29, 2008