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Anthony Fauci is the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He is an immunologist who has made substantial contributions to research on AIDS and other immunodeficiencies.[…]

“Are you doing enough?” Fauci asks.

Question: What is your question? 

Anthony Fauci: We should ask ourselves continually, “Are we doing enough?”

I try to make that an exercise that I go through not infrequently to just step back a few yards every once in a while – every few months, every six months or so – and just analyze.

Am I doing enough? Am I doing everything I can be doing? And if not, what should I be doing? Am I doing things that are not relevant? And can I knock them off and replace them with things that are important?

I think if you continually put your own feet to the fire, you can incrementally do better and better. I don’t think that you can just make a quantum leap in your accomplishments or your contributions; but don’t settle on your laurels. Just keep thinking, “What is it that I can do more and more, and better and better?” And just the exercise itself, even if nothing comes out of it, will at least keep you on your toes.


Recorded On: July 6, 2007