Tom Freston: Who inspires you?

Question: Who inspires you?

Tom Freston: Well there’s people that I admire. I don’t know as I never . . . You know I would say, you know, I look at people who just do such an amazing job on a consistent level and just turn them out. I mean they would be your superstar performers in our world. Steve Jobs at Apple to me has always been an inspiration because he is able to keep to sort of iconoclastic and unique culture at Apple outside of the mainstream, or at least appearing as such. And just to be able to continually innovate on such a deep level; on a design level; on a, you know, sort of functionality basis with the various products that they put out. And moving it, then again, into retail. The Apple story is a great story. You look at the giants of the creative world like, you know, the Steven Spielbergs who continually connect with whatever they produce, touch, direct. You know those are obvious, for me, idols of inspiration.

Recorded On: 7/6/07

The story of Apple.

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