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My name is Gabriel Sherman. I am a contributing editor at New York Magazine and a special correspondent for the New Republic.  Previously, I was a staff writer at Conde[…]

Journalists love to talk and write about themselves, Sherman says.

Gabriel Sherman: I can say I’m a guilty offender being a former . . . or to some extent being a media reporter. I think it’s . . . You know journalists are in a lot of ways a self-absorbed bunch. And they have to talk about themselves and to some extent write about themselves.

It’s an interesting debate that’s about, you know, how the . . . how the campaign was covered versus what happened on the ground. And I think it’s been one of the running story lines of this campaign of how little anyone really knows about what’s going on.

And I think the larger context stepping back is it’s the country is at this sort of inflection point. And Obama has made this a cornerstone of his campaign – of the narratives of the past several elections are you know . . . We’re at this point where we could go left or we could go right, and no one really knows where it’s gonna go. And Obama is representing what he says is a break from the past. And Hillary is representing what she says is the best attributes of the Clinton years. And McCain is harking back even earlier to Ronald Reagan.

The electorate is trying to digest all that and decide are we . . . Are we gonna embrace these previous candidates? Or are we willing to “turn the proverbial page” and start a new chapter to whatever the political narrative will be?


Recorded on: February 8, 2008