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The artist channeled arrogance and humility to achieve his goals.

Question: How do you find the courage to struggle?

Scully:    Well, if you have any option.  If there’s a doubt, if you have other options, you know let say to be normal.  I would say that you definitely should those options.  So, you’re only really become an artist when you are driven into it or as Yate says, when you are hurt into art and all artists in some way are wounded I think.  If you are compelled to be an artist, you will be an artist and I supposed I did it by having incredible amount of self-belief which comes from tremendous amount of arrogance and… but an arrogance is inform by a certain humility.  And you’ve got a sense your own irrelevance because we are all replaceable and if you understand that you’re free but if your ego it becomes so rigid and desperate and fragile and battled, insistent, rigid you won’t, you won’t get through because you’ll break.  You got to be like a tree that bends.