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Born in 1960, Wes Boyd co-founded the public policy group and political action committee, with his wife and business partner Joan Blades. Founded in September of 1998 as an[…]

Wes Boyd talks about helping the blind.

Wes Boyd: Well actually it’s not in politics. But, you know, that’s because my background is as a programmer. And one of the . . . one of the programs I did once was a program that allowed . . . was an adaptation that allowed blind people to use a computer. And that was a real challenge. You know, it was a real challenge in that workmanship . . . the ability to do this . . . and that was something that I was able to pull off on my . . . mostly on my own. It was just that craftsmanship. And getting into management, you know, which is what we did when we built our software company, and what we’re doing in the Move On work. As an engineer type, I have trouble valuing the engineering of organizations as much as I should. So I, you know . . . my proudest achievement was something that I was able to do hands on and see it at the end of the process.

Recorded on: 7/5/07