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Born in 1960, Wes Boyd co-founded the public policy group and political action committee, with his wife and business partner Joan Blades. Founded in September of 1998 as an[…]

Politics are becoming very insular.

Wes Boyd: I think politics was getting very insular, and it’s not . . . of course it’s not just us. The technology. . . the communications technology has enabled new groups, new actors to be involved in politics and bring in a much more diverse group of folks into the mix. I believe that politics was getting too insular, that you have this sense of a broadcast politics where a few leads in Washington discuss things in dinner parties perhaps; and then that becomes the story of the day n the broadcast media. And what we watched . . . what all of America really watched politics for was the game – the horserace – not . . . not how we’re actually solving problems we all face.

Recorded on: 7/5/07