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Who's in the Video
Jim Moriarty is the CEO of Surfrider Foundation. He is an avid surfer, entrepreneur and innovator. Moriarty has more than 15 years management experience in corporate start-ups, specializing in e-learning,[…]

Jim Moriarty talks about the influence geography has had on him.

Question: Where are you from and how has that shaped you?

Jim Moriarty: I grew up in the Midwest and on the East Coast and I think it’s given me somewhat of the traditional stereotype Midwestern values meaning that I actually moved from the Midwest to New York City, and aside from the real quick shock of being in kind of a metropolitan area you trust people and I think that kind of comes from bringing-- You are deeper than I think the norm on maybe some of the coasts. I live in southern California and a Midwesterner and a southern Californian person are very different. One actually thinks at a deeper level, operates at a little bit longer view, so less trendy.

Recorded on: 9/27/08