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Rahul Iyer

Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, Primafuel

Rahul is one of Primafuel's four co-founders. Rahul manages all aspects of external relations at Primafuel, with his primary focus being low-carbon policy. Prior to Primafuel, Rahul served as manager of business development for Intelligent Energy, where he developed Intelligent Energy’s business expansion plan for Latin America. While with Intelligent Energy, Rahul led evaluation of distributed energy solutions for rural electrification in South Africa. Rahul also co-founded Element One Enterprises. He has worked with many global organizations, including the World Bank, IFC, World Economic Forum, NASA, CARB, and the US Department of Energy. Rahul holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley.

Rahul explains why biofuels shouldn’t be considered the “silver bullet” to our energy challenges. But do biofuels, especially next-generation biofuels, have a place in helping ease our energy challenges? You […]
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