Johann Sebastian Bach to the Future

Question: What is the iBach app that you want to develop for the iPhone?

\r\nHilda Huang: So, this is of course, very unlikely because I can't\r\n program, but I'd like to create an iBach app where for every day of the\r\n year, the user can just click on the app and it'll show your Bach piece\r\n of the day. So, maybe that's an independent piece or maybe it's a \r\nmovement of a suite. But every day there's a new piece, because there's \r\nso many pieces, not just keyboard works, but there's chorales, there's \r\nviolin pieces, cello pieces, orchestra suites. And every day I'm going \r\nto attempt to put a new one and I think there's enough for I think three\r\n years, if every day is different. And with each piece, I'd like to \r\nprovide a short summary of what the piece is about, of what kind of a \r\ndance it is. Of course, that's a lot of research, so that's going to \r\ntake a while to get together. But, that's what I'd like to do in the \r\nfuture and just get people to find out what the Bach piece of the day is\r\n and then if I can't fit the whole piece of music on the app, then maybe\r\n provide a link for them to go to YouTube and listen to it and see what \r\nkind of music that they're actually interested in. And I'm sure they'll \r\nfind something within this massive amount of works. So, in essence, it's\r\n going to help people explore more of Bach's music.
\r\n Question: Why aren’t more young people into classical music?

\r\nHilda Huang: I think classical music now has become less \r\nsuccessful than it was maybe 50, 100 years ago. I mean, now when we have\r\n pop albums coming out, they're $10 an album at every store, at every \r\nstore you can imagine, Wal-Mart, Target, wherever you want. Everybody \r\ncan just get access to them easily. And also the music itself is very \r\naccessible. It's not as complex as what Bach and what other classical \r\nmusicians wrote. Certainly, there's a lot of instruments, but when you \r\nlook at say symphonies or the chorales or masses, there's much more \r\ninstruments. There's maybe 100 singers and an orchestra. So I think \r\npeople haven't discovered their own interest for digging deeper into \r\nthese kinds of music. They are just kind of interested in having \r\nsomething nice to hear.

Recorded on June 7, 2010
Interviewed by Paul Hoffman

The 14-year-old pianist wants to drag classical music into the 21st century by creating an iPhone app for fans of the German composer.

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