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Rob Huebel

Rob Huebel is an American comedian based in New York City.  Huebel and fellow comedians Aziz Ansari and Paul Scheer are writers, actors, and executive producers in the MTV sketch[…]

Farting cats take the cake.

Question: Is YouTube changing our taste in comedy?

Ron Huebel: Yeah. I don't know if YouTube has done that. I wouldn't credit YouTube with changing people's taste in comedy. I mean, I think that, like, we always laugh because we feel like we work pretty hard on, you know, writing and shooting stuff and then we'll put stuff out there and then, sure enough, you know, there'll be a 30-second clip of a cat farting and that'll get 50 billion hits, you know? It's, like, why don't we just shoot cats farting, you know, that's easier? We don't have to write it. So I don't know if YouTube is raising the bar for comedy. I feel like that's a lot of, you know, just people liking to see that they're on the internet and just sort of fishing, trolling for anything but, specifically, I do feel like, you know, some of these other sites like Funny or Die and College Humor, I think, are really creating a forum for people and creating, like, an audience for people, more importantly. I mean, I think what the internet is also doing is it's just definitely obviously shortening people's attention span. For us, that's always, like, something to keep in mind, you know, because no one's going to-- I got news for you, too, on this interview. No one's going to watch this fucking long answer that I just gave you. Everything has to be, like, really short.


Recorded on: 4/1/08