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Charles Best founded at Wings Academy, a public high school in the Bronx where he was a social studies teacher for five years. He thought up during a[…]

A wide variety of students.

Question: Is the current generation of public school students prepared for a global economy?

Charles Best: I think I would ask to just speak to my students and my own experience and I had a really good number of students who went on to four-year colleges, some who went on to really really top-notch for your colleges, but I had a critical amounts of students who I cannot claim were graduating from high school with the skills they needed to be successful in the workplace, to make a family-supporting wage, so if I guess, I would have put the blame as much on myself, if my own experience any indication there are huge number of students being sent off into the world without the education that they really needed.


Recorded on: 1/29/08