How will the recession affect the New York food scene?

Question: How will the recession affect the New York food scene?

Dana Cowin: Well, the New York food scene is really going strong and there are so many new openings. If you look at the Upper West Side, I mean, it is as if a new country has been annexed to New York City. “Wow, there's a whole country here. There's places to put restaurants and there are people who will eat in them.” There are 10 really great new restaurants that have opened. The downturn I think will make ---- some restaurants adjust their menus. I think that in New York City the going out culture is so ingrained in our blood. We will not stop going out. We just don’t. We might not get the caipirnha we might skip dessert. We might be really grateful that’s small plates are taken over now 80% of the restaurant so you can choose small plates, still have a great night out, in little restaurants and go home feeling good about yourself. So I think we might adjust how weorder but we are so not stopping going out.

Recorded on: 3/7/08

New Yorkers have to go out, Cowin says.

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