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There’s a lot more scrutiny, Platt says.

Question: How have food bloggers chamged your work?

Adam Platt: First of all, most of my- all of my reviews are on the internet so the- I’d say probably the majority of people that read my writing are reading it online. As far as the actual reviewing of a restaurant, it’s beginning to change I think but it’s changed more the restaurant reporting and so there’s much more of sort of a frenzied-- People pay attention to what you’re doing more, at least they seem to, but as far as the actual rhythm of writing a review generally you want to go to a restaurant a month after it’s opened. I generally start going three weeks to a month after it’s opened and I generally write it up within six weeks of its opening. Now in internet terms that’s seven decades. That’s an enormous length of time but that’s still how I do it and still how I do it in New York Magazine, and so that hasn’t changed. I have a feeling ultimately it will because the time cycle just keeps getting collapsed, closer and closer and closer and closer and closer. Recently, I wrote a review of David Chang’s. David Chang is the hot chef downtown in the East Village. He runs the sort of- the Momofuko empire and I wrote a review of his restaurant, Momofuko Ko, which is a small omakase place, very elite, very hard to get in to. It’s modeled on the-- I was talking about Masa’s restaurant uptown. It’s modeled on that Japanese model of everyone gets the same meal, there are 12 people in the room, and I wrote that-- I got in I think it was the fifth week it was open and I- and they have this arcane computerized system for getting in and I had a bunch of people at the magazine log in on our computers and there was a cancellation and I got in, and because I didn’t think I was going to get in again within- I didn’t know if I’d get in again and because the- he only serves this one meal which doesn’t vary very much I wrote it up after one visit and put it out in the- on the internet before it was published. That’s the first time that I’ve done that. Maybe it’ll happen again, we’ll do it more. I don’t know.


Recorded: 4/22/08