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Platt says he’s an easy-going critic.

Question: Do you ever worry that your review will make or break a restaurant?

Adam Platt: I don’t think so ‘cause I don’t know that I have that kind of power. I’m basically not thinking- like I said I’m thinking about sitting down and having a good dinner and I’m not thinking about-- I think I’m quite a easygoing critic, that people will disagree but I think I generally try like I said to just enjoy the meal and communicate the experience and I’m not looking to be egregiously mean although some chefs would be- would say that’s not true. Well, the other thing is that I don’t write- at New York magazine I don’t write every week. I write usually three times a month and there are- often when I go to a restaurant if I really don’t like it I won’t write about it because there are so many restaurants that are worth writing about and worth writing- that are good that I’ll- I will tend to write about those before I write about the ones that I just think are horrible. And now if they’re- it’s a very high-profile restaurant and I think it’s horrible then I’ll write about that but there are plenty of bad restaurants that I just don’t write about.


Recorded on: 4/22/08