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Who's in the Video
Robert Bryce is a Texas-based freelance journalist and the current managing editor of Energy Tribune.  His most recent book,Gusher of Lies: The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence (2008) has been heralded as[…]

If we thought Iraq was bad, Bryce said, invading Iran would lead to an even worse disaster.

Question: Could we go to war with Iran for its oil?

Robert Bryce: We can go to war with any body, I suppose but I mean I think a war with the Iran would be disastrous. I mean if we thought Iraq was a mistake wait into we move into Persia. The rhetoric that we were hearing about the Iranian’s is over nuclear issues and so on, I think that the problem over the long term is going to be strengthening of Iran on many different fronts, it is not just about nuclear power now, it is about, excuse me, it is about Iran’s multiple commercial ties with numerous other countries around the world, the Russians that are building the Iran the Iranian nuclear reactor. So if we bomb Iran what is Vladimir Putin is going to …. what is he going to say. I don’t think he is going to be very happy. So I think the idea of any kind of on conflict with Iranians is extra ordinarily dangerous and yes, it is going to have an energy component naturally, because it will have to but I think it would be the worst kind of foolishness.

Date Recorded: 03/20/2008