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Robert Bryce is a Texas-based freelance journalist and the current managing editor of Energy Tribune.  His most recent book,Gusher of Lies: The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence (2008) has been heralded as[…]

Most of that fuel, Bryce says, is imported.

Question: Who’s fueling the American military in Iraq?

Robert Bryce: Oh, sure, one in one of that the bitter ironies now the American occupation of Iraq is that virtually all of the fuel that is needed by the American military in Iraq has to be imported and we are importing most of it from Kuwait we are importing a lot of it from Turkey and some of it is coming from as far away as Greece and the calculations that I got using data that I received from the three to freedom of the information act, from the defense energy support center is that just a logistical cause of supplying the fuel to the American forces in Iraq is now on the order of the billion dollars a week. Every American soldier that is taking part in operation Iraqi freedom that is stationed in Iraq is using the equipment of about 20 and the half gallons of fuel per day. I mean, this is unprecedented in war time, the amount of fuel that’s being used by American soldiers in the field of war is enormous and it is increasing.

Date Recorded: 03/20/2008