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Noted editor Bonnie Fuller has launched Bonnie Fuller Media to meet the evolving needs of her longtime loyal following. Twice named Advertising Age's "Editor of the Year," she's been responsible[…]

“Star,” Fuller says, gives readers a more complete picture than a blog.

Question: Are blogs competition?

Fuller: That makes it . . . our job harder, definitely. But I think that we’ve done a really good job of being able . . . We’ve got a great reporting news operation; being able to get deeper reporting, new reporting, different stories than has been . . . than has been out there on the Web. And I think one of the things that happens online is, you know, they have bits. They’ll give like a nugget of this, a nugget of that. And yes they’re giving you more info. However because they’re just reacting so quickly, they don’t . . . they don’t, I don’t think, have the teams to do some of the deeper dig . . . the deeper digging that we’re able to do. And our sales have actually been up this year over last year. And we’ve broken, you know, a bunch of stories, including the fact that Angelina is pregnant with twins, which none of the blogs had. We got it. So it . . . Yes it makes it harder. But on the other hand it also creates even more interest to see a fuller story that we are then able to present at the end of the week. And we always . . . almost always have new information. Recorded On: 1/30/08