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Hey Bill Nye! Is Time Real?

Time is this wild fourth dimension in nature, says Bill Nye. We depend on its neat measurements for survival – but subjectively it continues to elude us.

Hey Bill Nye! Can I Have Superpowers?

This week, Bill Nye the Science Guy weighs in on the reality of the timeless superhero wish, how not to break your legs while trying comic book moves, and the human virtues of Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker.

Bill Nye Explains How Evolution Gave Us the Golden Rule

Charlie comes to Bill with a question about the balance between the ethics of scientific concepts and those scientific concepts in and of themselves. In response, the Science Guy demonstrates how the two ideas — an idea and its ethical implications — are innately inseparable.

Hey Bill Nye! Are You for or against Fracking?

So let's talk about fracking. It isn't a terrible idea in theory, says Bill Nye the Science Guy, but it can't be allowed to go unregulated. This is because new technologies have promoted irresponsible fracturing practices with severe environmental and public health consequences.