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Gun lovers converged on the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas for the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show to check out the highest tech offerings.

“Not long after the smoke from the Consumer Electronics Show cleared, thousands of gun lovers converged upon the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas for the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show. It was loaded with techie stuff, too. This year, the highest-tech gun belonged to Armatix. The German firm has an electronic safety that automatically disables the pistol when it’s not within a few inches of a custom wristwatch. The watch sends a wireless arming signal to the gun. If the gun is picking up a signal from the watch, a green LED on the back lights up. Try squeezing the handle without wearing the watch, and you will see a red warning light. Anyone can pick up a limited edition version of the pistol for about 7,000 euro, which is pretty steep for a .22cal plinker. They start shipping next month.” Wired showcases the digital revolvers, koosh bullets and triple tasers that made the grade.


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