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Are Book Publishers Cracking down on Piracy?

Book publishers have largely been silent on privacy but now one is suing 27 people for distributing its books on BitTorrent. A similar strategy won the music industry few fans.

What’s the Latest Development?

Book publishers have been quiet when it comes to piracy, yet few things are as easy to distribute digitally than writing. But now one is suing 27 people for distributing its books on BitTorrent. Most people agree piracy is wrong but the Recording Industry Assocation of America’s tactics in fighting piracy, including lawsuits against grandmothers (dead or alive), didn’t win it many fans.

What’s the Big Idea?

Patricio Robles says if this marks the beginning of book publishers taking a more aggressive stand against infringers, one would hope they’ll learn from some of the mistakes of the recording and movie industries and “

recognize that lawsuits, even if they do have some deterrent effect, often come at a significant cost.” Offering compelling digital products to customers across multiple channels and platforms is the only real way to secure their future.


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