14 Year Old Wins Right to Have Her Body Cryogenically Preserved

Would you be cryo-preserved, knowing that if you survived, you would wake up hundreds of years later? 


Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

It’s an urban legend many of us have heard and wondered about. It goes like this. Walt Disney had his body frozen at the time of his death, awaiting revival shortly after a cure for cancer had been found. Alas, though captivating it’s unfounded. The visionary was cremated on the day of his funeral back in 1966. But now, a teenage girl from the UK has in reality done what was rumored to have been performed on the inventor of Mickey Mouse. She was cryogenically frozen in the hope of being revived sometime in the future when a cure is in hand.  

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The 15-Year-Old Teen Who Discovered a Lost Mayan City Takes on His Critics

A Canadian teen who discovered a lost Mayan city via satellite imagery is not backing down from the critics.

In early May, news spread in the international media that a Canadian teen made the discovery of a lifetime, while only 15 years old! By studying satellite images to confirm his theory that ancient Mayan cities were built in relationship to constellations, William Gadoury predicted the location of a lost Mayan city.  

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