Just how controversial is Dodge Ram's MLK Super Bowl ad?

Dodge Ram has drawn the ire of social media after using audio clips of a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speech in a commercial that ran during Super Bowl LII.

Martin Luther King, Jr. arrives at a London airport. Photo: J. Wilds/Getty

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Everything you need to know about AJ129, the 2018 'Super Bowl asteroid'

While the Patriots battle the Eagles during Super Bowl LII, asteroid AJ129 is flying pretty close to Earth, cosmically speaking. But how close exactly will it be, and should you be concerned? 

This is NOT AJ129, but an artistic rendering of the asteroid Apophis (set to cruise by Earth in 2029) by Flickr user Lwp Kommunikáció, Creative Commons

Big Think may not be well known for our football coverage —yet! — but we have some rare science / football crossover news. 

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