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So much of the world you know was made possible by Intel founder Robert Noyce, co-inventor of the integrated circuit.

  • In this awe-inspiring short documentary, Michael Malone, author of The Intel Trinity, traces the history of Silicon Valley technology, starting with the integrated circuit, invented by Intel co-founder Robert Noyce.
  • Ever wondered how Moore's Law came about, and who it's named after? Gordon Moore, Intel's other founder and the law's namesake, explains the remarkable growth and improvements to quality of life made possible by the integrated circuit.
  • With quantum computing on the horizon, there's no telling how technology will change humanity in the next decades. That's a cause for excitement, and trepidation; new technology requires new cautions.
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Silicon Valley wants to be a meritocracy. Here’s why it’s not.

If you're a great engineer, you can get ahead in Silicon Valley — to a certain extent.

  • Silicon Valley prides itself on rewarding good engineers, regardless of gender or race. But that may not actually reflect reality.
  • The Valley started out as a Mad Men-esque place, where women in particular were excluded. That culture still persists in the form of venture capitalists funding many of today's startups.
  • Furthermore, many in Silicon Valley fail to acknowledge how becoming a startup founder is often restricted to certain groups of people and how more diversity can ultimately result in a better product or service.
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How the '60s counterculture created Silicon Valley

How did psychedelics and computers converge?

  • Steve Jobs was influenced by an important counterculture and computing periodical.
  • San Francisco went from hippie haven to technological hub in the years that followed the 1960s.
  • The Homebrew Computer Club was founded by a draft resister and spawned dozens of tech companies.
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Why the U.S. just fell off the list of top 10 most innovative countries

It’s the first time the U.S. has fallen off the top 10 list since Bloomberg began its index.

5 New Societies Silicon Valley Wants To Create

Should there be a ceiling to the ambitions of Silicon Valley? It seems like a decisive “no,” according to the people who want to build new societies online, atop the ocean, and on Mars. 

Artist rendering of SpaceX Mars colony

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