The periodic table also is a map – well, kind of

Can't memorize all those elements? If you're more into geography, perhaps this will help.

Image: /u/dom_bul, reproduced with kind permission
  • Twenty-nine of the 118 elements on the periodic table were named after places on the map.
  • Tennessee, California, and two towns in the Golden State got their own elements.
  • But nobody beats Ytterby, a small Swedish town that gave its name to four different elements.
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What do we do with all the chemical elements? This ingenious periodic table shows you

An interactive periodic table with pictures makes it easy to see how each element is used.

The periodic table is an important but rather dry scientific tool. It lists all the chemical elements, ordered by their atomic numbers. Elements with similar behavior are grouped in the same column (called a group), with metals generally on the left and non-metals (gases) on the right. Rows are called “periods” - hence, periodic table.

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