Joy Harjo named first Native American poet laureate

"I share this honor with ancestors and teachers who inspired in me a love of poetry," the 68-year-old poet said.

J. Vespa / Contributor
  • Joy Harjo is a poet, author and musician, and is an active member of the Muscogee Nation.
  • Poet laureates are charged with overseeing poetry readings at the Library of Congress, and with promoting poetry to the nation.
  • Harjo succeeds poet and educator Tracy K. Smith.
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Why the scholarly journal industry needs oversight

What an academic sting on humanities journals really means to the rest of us. And to academia.

  • Helen Pluckrose, James A. Lindsay and Peter Boghossian
  • A trio of academics have just admitted to writing nonsense articles and getting several of them published in scholarly journals.
  • The articles were created to have phony data, absurd arguments, and conclusions that the journals' review boards would accept.
  • It raises questions about academic rigor in some journals, but claims that this debunks entire branches of the humanities are unfounded.
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