Seven different ways of determining intelligence

Find out the multiple ways we classify and ascertain what constitutes intelligence.

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  • Between IQ, Triarchic Theories of intelligence and a whole host of other methods, determining intelligence remains a thrilling topic of inquiry.
  • Developmental psychologist, Howard Gardner, originally put forth 7 different types of intelligence which still remain as popular classifications today.
  • The science around multiple intelligences is not conclusive, but have proven helpful to some in the educational system.
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Intelligent People Deal with Stereotypes Differently Than Others, Study Finds

Everyone encounters stereotypes. But what you do afterward says something about you

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There is a lot of debate in the scientific community over what exactly intelligence is. We can talk about IQ. That’s one thing that’s absolutely measurable. But beyond that things get hazy. According to Harvard’s Howard Gardner there are multiple intelligences. In an elemental sense, one of the earliest and most comprehensive explanations is the ability to recognize patterns.

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Are You a Genius? Depends on Your Gender

A new study from Cornell University shows how metaphors influence our ability to be impressed by genius and uncovers a gender hook – it seems we prefer to conceive of male genius as an exciting idea explosion, and female genius as a long, hard labor of hard work. 

Is genius the result of nurturing an idea, or being struck by one? Well, it depends on your gender.

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