Cornell creates the world’s tiniest self-folding origami bird

The bird demonstrates cutting-edge technology for devising self-folding nanoscale robots.

Credit: Cornell University
  • Scientists at Cornell University have developed a self-folding origami bird that's just 60 microns wide.
  • The bird is just one of many tiny robots roaming Cornell's labs.
  • One day, microscopic robots will be able to autonomously form themselves and get to work in all sort of itty-bitty spaces.
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    Researchers build living robots from frog cells

    Scientists envision a new type of organism ready to assist humans.

    Image source: Kriegman, Blackiston, Levin, and Bongard
    • Computers designed, and scientists have constructed, programmable living robots.
    • Study announces potentially self-healing, biodegradable, purpose-build automatons.
    • Two "xenobots" are already bumbling their way around dishes of water in a lab.
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