What is Juche, the state ideology of North Korea?

Is it the key to understanding why North Korea acts like it does, or an elaborate sham?

STR/AFP/Getty Images
  • North Korea is an anomaly among nations, but is there a method to its madness?
  • Juche, meaning "self-reliance", is the official ideology of the country which supposedly informs its actions.
  • Some observers question the sincerity of the ideology, dismissing it as mere propaganda.
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Rich People Are More Easily Offended by Unfairness, Study Finds

A new study from researchers in China and the Netherlands suggests that wealthy people are considerably more offended by unfairness in economic situations.

Photo: Aidan Bartos

Words like entitled and privileged get thrown around a lot in conversations about wealth inequality. These terms are usually applied to the wealthy. But are there any measurable differences in the ways rich and poor people act out these traits when confronted with, say, an unfair deal? Research suggests there are.

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