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Why do we need healthcare insurance anyways?

Why do we need healthcare insurance?

Why to get insured when it has been proven time and again that the coverage (or sufficient coverage) is not there when we really need it? When you are healthy and young all private insurance companies are there to welcome you in the group, but on a small sign of trouble they dump you. Well, they cannot really dump you, so what they do instead is make you pay through your nose for all the things that are not covered.   

Why it is employer’s responsibility?

It is not a mere co-incidence that employer is supposed to provide for you healthcare insurance. These insurance companies do not want to collect the money from us individuals (there is so much hassle) so instead get it from the employers. Handover the carrot of tax benefits to the employers and they are happy. 

Why some people are so upset about the thought of Government backed Insurance for all?

The argument that the Government cannot run healthcare insurance company is baseless. Medicare is already there which is being run by governmental agencies very smoothly. Well it is not perfect but it is there.

Other fear is that it will drive Private insurers out of business. Well they will be out of business anyway as the cost of insurance is going so high there will eventually be no one who can afford the cost.

Very few people believe that the private insurance is working perfectly. Well if they are happy they can continue to use them. But for millions of others who are not currently insured they will at least get the coverage.

It will also give stiff competition to private insurance providers, healthy competition.

Why are doctors so upset about this plan?

Doctors have always been complaining about insurers. Saying they are the ones who take away all the money. But silently doctors love private insurers because first they do not have to go after individuals and secondly there is no competition.

Doctors never have to disclose their true price for the services they offer. Insurance companies become their face who claimed to have negotiated rates. So there is no healthy competition.

If doctors are asked to disclose their rates for various services that they provide, it will create openness in the market place and the competition will drive down the cost.


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