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Right-Brain/Left-Brain is a Myth, Creativity Exists in Both Hemispheres

It turns out that creativity resides within your brain’s left hemisphere as well. This was among the findings of a new study determining that creative impulses require activity throughout the entire brain.

An Indian study has reportedly succeeded in deconstructing the neural processes that lead to creativity. In doing so, the team of neuroscientists at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences has also dispelled myths related to creativity and logic vis-à-vis the parts of the brain in which they reside. 

Here’s how the study was reported by Seetha Lakshmi of The Times of India:

“[They] found that a network of regions in both hemispheres of the brain is at work in a coordinated manner and that results in the Aha moment. 

The five-year study also found that brain regions at work during creative moments are individually active during non-creative moments too. It rejects the popular myth that creativity is the preserve of the brain’s right hemisphere.”

Practical applications for the study’s findings include the development of tasks and activities for children in order to develop the networks within their brains that will help them dream bigger.

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Photo credit: Radu Bercan / Shutterstock

For more on common brain myths, check out the following clip featuring Big Think expert Sam Wang:


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