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Surprising Science

Quantum Dot TVs On Sale in 2012

The first QD televisions–like current flat-screen TVs, but with better color and ultra-thin displays–will be available in shops by the end of next year. And later, the roll-up version.

What’s the Latest Development?

Researchers have found a new form of light-emitting crystals–quantum dots–which can be used to produce ultra-thin TVs. They hope the first QD televisions–with better color and thinner displays than current flat screen sets–will be available in shops by the end of next year. The real advantage provided by quantum dots, however, is that they can be printed on to a plastic sheet that can rolled up and taken with you, or printed over a wall, for instance.

What’s the Big Idea?

University of Manchester inorganic materials chemist Professor Paul O’Brien, who helped develop the technology, said that quantum dots produced very bright colors yet needed little energy. He said the QD technology had ” generated huge excitement in the electronics industry–the quality of display they can produce will be far superior to LCD televisions.”


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