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Surprising Science

Life On Mars?

Analysis of images of “ancient lakes” on Mars’ equator suggests similarities to lakes found in Alaska and Siberia, adding to the likelihood that there was once life on the Red Planet.

“An analysis of satellite images revealed craters left along Mars’ equator by lakes similar to those found in Alaska and Siberia. Importantly, the lakes were linked by small tributaries and rivers, suggesting water was moving which means they would have been able to support microbial life, scientists including a team from Imperial College London found. The lakes, up to 12 miles long, have been dated back three billion years and were probably created following volcanic activity in the region around the equator, which was previously thought to be dry and arid. Previously scientists believed that the lakes on Mars during that period were merely ice so the findings widen the period of time in which now extinct life forms could have existed on Mars, researchers believe. The results come just months after Nasa, the American space agency, announced that they had found water on the surface of the planet, raising more hopes that signs of life could some day be discovered.”


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