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Iran Warning

Western countries have warned Iran not to defy international demands by carrying out its plan to build 10 uranium enrichment sites which could be used to develop nuclear arms.

“Western nations have warned Iran not to defy international demands by building 10 uranium enrichment sites. America’s envoy to the UN called Iran’s announcement ‘unacceptable’, while the French foreign minister said Iran was playing ‘an extremely dangerous game’. Germany warned Iran to expect further sanctions if it went ahead. The Iranian government approved the move on Sunday, days after it was rebuked by the UN nuclear watchdog for covering up a uranium enrichment plant. The head of Iran’s nuclear programme, Ali Akbar Salehi, accused the West of provoking his country into launching the plan to build 10 new plants. However, Iran’s parliamentary speaker, Ali Larijani, said he believed that a diplomatic solution was still possible. Western powers say Tehran is trying to develop nuclear arms while Iran says it needs nuclear energy for its economy.”

Iran’s announcement that it is moving closer to sending low-grade nuclear material to China for reprocessing has caused a rift in the international community over how to deal with an assertive Iran.

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