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Abortive Bill?

The issue of abortion could still blow up the Democrat’s move to pass a universal health care bill according to pro-life activists and some Republicans.

“Democrats are close enough to taste victory in their quest to remake the nation’s health care system, but differences between the House and Senate on abortion could still blow it all up. The House health care bill would bar any health plan that receives federal money from covering abortions. Under the less restrictive Senate language, plans that get federal money could cover abortion as long as customers pay premiums for the procedure separately with their own money, and the premium payments are kept in a separate account. ‘Something’s going to have to give,’ said Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., author of the abortion language in the House. At this point it’s not clear what that will be, although all involved in the intraparty dispute say they want to resolve the issue and sign on to a final health care bill for President Barack Obama to sign in January. Abortion threatened to derail both the House and Senate legislation before last-minute compromises satisfied anti-abortion Democrats in both chambers. But those hard-won deals look very different.”

The votes were cast and near-universal health care reform passed by the House. So, the Democrats won a clear victory, right? Not according to Republicans who are also triumphant.

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