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Newt Gingrich says that during the 2010 midterm elections Republicans will run on repealing any healthcare legislation made into law.

“A growing chorus of Republican officials is pledging to push for a full repeal of health care reform legislation, weeks before a bill actually lands on the president’s desk for signing. In an email to the Huffington Post, Alex Conant, a former RNC press secretary and an adviser to possible 2012 candidate Tim Pawlenty, said that while Republicans will push their own health care reform agenda in upcoming elections, they also plan to run on a promise to nullify what Democrats are poised to pass. “Republicans see last week’s health care vote as a top issue in the 2010 campaign,” wrote Conant. ‘As for the repeal, Republicans have a truck full of ideas on how to expand access, improve quality, and lower costs. I’m sure there will be some focus on repealing provisions of the Democrats’ plan, but the most pressing issue will likely be addressing health care costs and lowering the financial toll this bill will have on taxpayers. Republicans will certainly campaign on repealing $500 billion of tax increases for a bloated government-run health care.’”


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