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Space Dive

The daredevil who made the first unpowered flight across the English Channel six years ago is planning to sky dive from the edge of space hoping to break a 50-year world record.

“He is about as close as it is humanly possible to get to being a real life Batman and he does it without resorting to capes, masks or the assistance of a Boy Wonder. Instead he uses spies, disguises, sponsorship and a hefty supply of nerve to achieve his near-legendary reputation,” writes The Independent. “For years, Felix Baumgartner has taken to the skies in a way most of us can only hope to emulate in an aeroplane. From skydiving to base-jumping, his endeavours have thrilled onlookers and frequently enraged the authorities. But like most extreme athletes, Baumgartner has always been on the lookout for the ultimate rush – and now, it appears, he has found it. His goal, which he hopes to achieve this year, is to make the highest ever parachute jump. It will be from well into the stratosphere. It will mean breaking the speed of sound. And, if it succeeds, it will break a record that has stood for 50 years. Several others have attempted to break that long-standing record, which has stood for decades as marks for other altitude extremes have tumbled.”


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