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K. Mike Merrill

The Human I.P.O.

K. Mike Merrill is the world's only publicly traded person. In order to allow shareholder control of his life he had to develop his own system at He works on projects in various forms with many people, all guided by the gentle hand of his shareholders who have invested their money and time to add accountability and expertise. Currently he is obsessing over his new company,, and coping with a crippling magazine addiction while still maintaining a full time relationship with the internet.

In “The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know About Soccer Is Wrong” authors Chris Anderson and David Sally begin their argument with a quote from Bill James: “In sports, what […]
Will Self argues that crowdfunding is doomed. He says eventually the crowd will wise up that people are really just begging for money. His argument is based on someone who […]
I love the future. (I just want to state my bias upfront.) It’s very easy to think about global conflict, ecological destruction, rising population, and economic inequality and believe the […]
Control is a shift from our animalistic reactive mode to a humanistic proactive mode. This can be as small as not watching whatever happens to be on television when you […]
I enjoy “griefing“, which is when people use aspects of a system that make that system less fun for others. It’s a term normally used in multiplayer video games. As […]