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Jim Whitehurst

CEO, Red Hat

Jim Whitehurst is the CEO of Red Hat, the largest open source software company in the world. When Jim joined the company, he became enamored with how open source was disrupting the world of traditional proprietary software. In his time there, he has become more than just a believer in the power of open source software. Now, he's an outspoken advocate for opening up nonproprietary data and technology of all kinds. Jim's 2015 book The Open Organization takes the transformative effects of openness from the community, through the technology, and into the organization at the deepest and highest levels. Jim believes openness must be pervasive to be effective. Before joining Red Hat, Jim held various positions at Delta Air Lines, most recently as chief operating officer. Prior to joining Delta, Whitehurst served as a partner at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).