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Daniel Honan

Former Managing Editor, Big Think

From 2011-2014, Daniel Honan was the Managing Editor at Big Think. Prior to Big Think, Daniel was Vice President of Production for Plum TV, a niche cable network he helped launch in 2002. The production team he oversaw won over two dozen Emmy awards. Daniel has created numerous shows and documentaries for television, and his film credits include Stealing the Fire, a documentary on the black market for nuclear weapons technology.

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New times demand new journalism, Rupert Murdoch said at the time of The Daily’s launch in February, 2011. That still holds true today, even as we hear the news that […]
Evolution is by definition a difficult concept to grasp since you can't observe it happening in front of you. Nevertheless, some unlikely converts are coming over to Bill Nye's point of view.   
Like any big, bold idea, Elon Musk's plan for colonizing Mars strikes you at first glance as indeed crazy. And yet, the reason for Musk's success in leading four of the most innovative companies in America is that he is analytically minded, first and foremost. 
Increased benefit choice brings along with it increased risk. For instance, what if employees choose options like paid time off at the expense of long-term benefits that will be much more valuable to themselves and their families over time?
According to Julia Galef, simply asking question "how do I compare expected benefits against each other?" is already "far more than most people just intuitively do when they want to help the world."  
What do Jeremy Bentham's nineteenth-century prison reforms have to do with David Petraeus and Google's biannual "Transparency Report"?