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Daniel Honan

Former Managing Editor, Big Think

From 2011-2014, Daniel Honan was the Managing Editor at Big Think. Prior to Big Think, Daniel was Vice President of Production for Plum TV, a niche cable network he helped launch in 2002. The production team he oversaw won over two dozen Emmy awards. Daniel has created numerous shows and documentaries for television, and his film credits include Stealing the Fire, a documentary on the black market for nuclear weapons technology.

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If you’re a tennis fan, and a fan of Rafa Nadal in particular, the last seven months probably felt like the period in rock n’ roll history in which Elvis was in the Army. 
Is American Exceptionalism “the old whiskey bottle we pull off the shelf when we’re feeling down?”
We are very good at generating data. We are just learning how to utilize it, but the mobile health revolution is one of the most promising applications we have seen in this field.
“The nest of wickedness is ablaze,” reads the caption in a newly released video from North Korea’s official website, Uriminzokkiri. The video, which features a chilling misappropriation of “We Are the […]
Nothing is a physical concept, because it’s the absence of something. “What we’ve learned over the last hundred years,” Lawrence Krauss says, “is that nothing is much more complicated than we would’ve imagined otherwise.”
Why the harp? Why not, answers Gillian Grassie, who says she was raised by “Quaker hippie parents in the woods without television.” While picking up the harp may not have been […]
There are plenty of people who are single and frustrated, unhappily married, or, on the other hand, happily divorced. What matters most is how they prepare their minds. 
There are recognizable patterns of behavior and personality traits that we can look for to give us insight into Lance Armstrong’s reckless actions, so that this whole affair might be a so-called teachable moment.