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The Folk Harp, Innovative and Accessible

Why the harp? Why not, answers Gillian Grassie, who says she was raised by “Quaker hippie parents in the woods without television.” While picking up the harp may not have been part of a master plan, Grassie has nonetheless embraced it with the mindset of any true innovator. 

The singer-songwriter effortlessly blends jazz, pop, folk and rock, and in the words of Music for America, “makes the harp sound like any string instrument that has been a part of pop and rock for the last 50 years.”

Grassie’s 21st century harp playing was on display at The Nantucket Project, a festival of ideas that takes place on Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Watch the video here:

Image courtesy of Meghan Brosnan

To learn more about The Nantucket Project and how to attend the 2013 event visit

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