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Thank You For Trying, Mr. Murdoch

New times demand new journalism, Rupert Murdoch said at the time of The Daily’s launch in February, 2011. That still holds true today, even as we hear the news that the first tablet newspaper is being shut down as part of a News Corp. reorganization. 

“From its launch,” Murdoch said in a statement, “The Daily was a bold experiment in digital publishing and an amazing vehicle for innovation.” Well you know what? Give Murdoch credit for trying to innovate. That’s what Reuters media columnist Jack Shafer tweeted today, and that seemed to be a common sentiment, from Murdoch fans and foes alike.  

I agree. Thank you for trying to innovate. 

After all, love him or hate him, there are few people in the media business who have been as big believers in the currency of newspapers as Murdoch, says Michael Wolff, author of The Biography of Rupert Murdoch, who spoke to Big Think in 2010. 

Wolff told us “Rupert himself believes that [newspapers] continue to be singularly the most important influence in his life, our lives, and in the life of his company.” 

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