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Brian Taylor

Brian C. Taylor is a writer, philosopher and social critic.

He is the author of the Rampant Ineptitude of Modernity and Anti-Social Engineering the Hyper-Manipulated Self.

Brian Taylor's social commentary attempts to use logic and reason to examine his acute humanity, with virtue as his goal.

In this objective honesty, no facet of existence, no act nor thought, can be overlooked. All rabbits must be chased down all holes. Pulling no punches, holding little sacred, the author tackles even the most controversial topics of the day: politics, society, religion, war, the economy, nationalism, cuture, conspiracy, corporatism, the future, the individual, himself and you.

Brian Taylor's creative non-fiction work is particularly concerned with the hyper-manipulation of modernity toward the apparent goal of overall systemic failure. He seeks the best possible choosing in a world where his choices are made for him, and poorly. His Anti-Social Engineering provides a way to combat the forces that work against our abilities and freedoms as individuals. Readers will find his writing easy to understand, entertaining as it informs and liberating in its purpose.

He is a regular contributor to, where his essays have been read over 50,000 times.